At Gamani Engineering Pvt. Ltd. We firmly believe in generating wealth from waste. In our eyes, industrial effluents are misplaced or untapped resources rather than waste. Our emphasis in Effluent Treatment is always on recovery and reuse rather than striving to just matching the disposal requirements.

Each industry and each location has different waste characteristics requiring individualized treatment solutions. This is where our work begins: samples may be taken, field investigation are made, user contact is established to understand. Their requirements, expectations, and then most economical and effective designs are developed.

Effluent Treatment Systems offered by Gamani Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Neutralization and pH correction systems
Physico-Chemical systems for removal of suspended solids and COD
Heavy metal removal and recovery systems
Colour Removal for Textiles wastes / paper industry
Biological Treatment plants for treating Organic wastes
Aerobic / Anaerobic sludge digestion
White water recycles system for paper industry
Oily waste separation systems
Effluent recycling systems using reverse osmosis
The diverse range of equipment offered by Gamani Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Manual and mechanical screens
Grit separators
Oil separators and belt skimmers
Parallel plate separators for removal of TSS & free oil
Oil coalesces and dissolved air flotation systems
Solids recycle type clarifiers (SRTC)
Fixed and floating surface Aerators
Membrane type diffused aeration systems
Clarifiers / Clariflocculators
Filtration products